Josh Kaplan, JD

Josh Kaplan brings a wealth of legal and business knowledge to Corsello Capital, having worked for and with hundreds of startups and mid-level companies from across the business spectrum throughout his 20+ year career. His unique perspective as an attorney, business manager, and entrepreneur allows him to recognize the complex needs of our EB-5 investors and ensure that their requirements are satisfied on a personal and professional level. As a co-founder and partner at the law firm Troglia-Kaplan, LLC, Mr. Kaplan has personally advised clients from around the country, working extensively in the hospitality, technology, and entertainment fields to best serve his client’s needs. Mr. Kaplan has founded a number of additional successful business ventures, including a flourishing music/technology start-up, a record label and artist management firm, and a non-profit entity that helps people in need of prosthetics in Central and South America.

Drawing from his legal background and his extensive business experience, Josh understands the ins and outs of building and operating a successful business because he’s been there himself. Mr. Kaplan brings this multi-faceted and wide-reaching approach to Corsello Capital ensuring every transaction is handled with considerable attention to detail with all parts in place to ensure a success for all involved

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