Brian Troglia, JD

Brian Troglia brings veteran leadership and a wide range of investment and corporate/capital structuring knowledge to the Corsello Capital team. Mr Troglia’s extensive experience in the business and legal fields have given him a keen eye for quality opportunities, making him the perfect individual to diligently scrutinize and evaluate every prospect to ensure that only the highest-quality business deals are presented to our EB-5 partners. During his 20+ year career as an attorney, there isn’t a deal that comes in that Mr. Troglia hasn’t seen in some fashion before.

On top of all of this expertise in general corporate law, Mr. Troglia as a depth of expertise in the restaurant and hospitality industries, where he personally serves as counsel for nine of the top fifty restaurants in the city of Chicago, along with a number of other highly-touted establishments throughout the country. His extensive network throughout the business and hospitality fields has helped give Corsello Capital access to individuals and opportunities that can only be achieved through decades of personal relationships and work within the industry.

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