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The projects are aimed at the core of the EB-5 requirements
The EB-5 program was created to stimulate the economy through job creation. Foreign citizens must invest 500k in a qualified project (located in TEA) and create 10 full-time jobs within the next two years. At CCRC, all of our partnerships are designed to meet simple but effective requirements, thus protecting the investor’s interest.

Clear path for the creation of employment
All of our societies must demonstrate a clear path towards creating jobs. We use a job creation methodology approved and accepted by the Immigration and Citizenship Services of the United States (USCIS).

Projects remain small
We believe that small projects can be completed in a more efficient and effective way. We keep your investment safe by making sure that each of our projects and groups of investors stay separate from each other. Therefore, the risks of a project are not transferred to another project.

Understand the connection of immigration and investment
At CCRC we recognize the importance of understanding the complex elements of US Immigration and Investment. Our team of professionals has more than 30 years of combined experience in international trade and immigration.

Defined and clear exit strategy
All of our societies must show a defined and planned existing strategy. Although it goes against the EB-5 regulation to guarantee the return of the capital investment, there are several steps we take to make sure that the EB-5 Investments are as safe as possible.

Do I Qualify for EB-5?